Boink Town: School Tournaments

    It is time to play some games at Fucktown tonight. And if you believe that you are good at playing checkers then you should visit local college today - because they are having finals of chekers tournament. You obtain an invitation on this torunament from the best chick of college (well, may be she is not the most adorable there but she certainly has the largest baps!) So no way you can deny... peculiarly after your agreement - if you win the tournament she will rant your own wish. So now your task is clear - win the checkers game (for real - you will have playing field and you indeed will have to win the old school checkers game!) And put those big baps of hers into good use already in other sort of minigames... Well, just like in real life winner always gets the gal with the largest baps!
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  • Added: 2018-06-16
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