Shinobi girl

    Ever dreamed to play with Shinobi game in anime porn setting? Well, here's your opportunity! "Shinobi Girl" is a sensual side scrolling act game! You may play as exquisite kunoichi - sexy chesty black-haired with large tits and cock-squeezing decoration! You'll need to rush thru the scrolling amount and attempt to avert all of the strikes by hopping them ducking to not get hit! The game isn't effortless so you'll get hit ... along with your kunoichi will shed a part of her clothing! Get struck to frequently and briefly every enemy will have the ability to fuck this sweet star lady! And if she gets fucked and her joy gets taller her up wellness points will decrease! So waste no time and knock out your rival as rapid as possible. In case you will not run away time the wicked monster might even internal cumshot your own leading lady! Just just how far you can go sans becoming fucked up entirely?
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  • Added: 2018-03-22
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