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Legend of Zelda Hentai Video Legend of Zelda Hentai

MNF Nintendo Christmas 1

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Bad Santa XXXmas Tale

Santa Claus is the exact same man as You and me. He feels stress sometimes. Who doesn't like to drink a couple of beer after the difficult day? The only thing you can do in that case is to drink in very naughty brothel in company of many sexy girls. Try to twist those women.

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Retsu Unohana bangs Santa – Bleach Horny…

The Xmas season is arriving (at least at the moment when this game is being published on our website) so more and more of your dearest anime characters are now getting into proper mood... which in case of anime porn parodies means they put on their sexy outfits and needing someone like Santa would come and give them what they need the most - charming intercourse! Retsu Unohana from anime series"Bleach" is not an excpetion and even if you may recall her as always noiseless person tonight she will eventually reveal her spunky nature to her very special guest... Enjoy this interactive anime porn parody which combines fascinating story, excellent artstyle, kinky intercourse scenes and also fun minigames and don't forget to check our website from time to time for even more articles!

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Unohana's Horny Xmas: Full Version

Just like many other female characters from anime series"Bleach" Unohana is planning something very specific to celebrate this xmas season... and she seems to care not at all will she get into ultra-kinky or great list after that - anyway she will get her fun and barely Santa will leave her without any presnets for her efforts... and that's besides his big and hard magical man sausage ofcourse! You got this right - Unohana is planning to secude non other than Santa Claus tonight but how succesfull she will become in such unordinary thing you will learn only if you will play this well drawn and animated anime porn parody game by yourself! And ofcourse you can always find more"Bleach" related anime porn themed games, parodies and animations on our website!

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Xmas Slider

No matter is it summer or winter - to play some xmas game will cheer you up at any time of the year! And since this is manga porn puzzle game then it is going to cheer you up in doublesided! The genre of this puzzle is called"slider" which means that you don't have to assemble picture chunk by little chunk but you need to stir one parts of the picture against the other one until they all get into proper places and form one awesome xmas themed manga porn artwork! This gameplay is considered more rapid and more fun than classic jigsaw puzzles which will require less time on solving and let you to enjoy sexy pictures sooner! Additionally, if you are playing this game in summer you may save yourself a URL to it and replay it somewhere in holiday season to perceive the atmosphere even more!

Tags: hentai, anime, puzzle, xmas
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The christmas blond Ep. 1

Brickhouse Betty loves Xmas season just like everyone else! Because all these celebrations and big fellow in red suit always make her very horny... so horny that her favourite costume for xmas party is red bra and red undies! And this costume of hers plays bad trick with real Santa Claus when he comes to visit her through the chimney. The problem is that Santa is not youthful so the view of extra hot blonde with big breasts in sexy underwear makes to fall down without any sence. How good that one of his fellow elves decided to visit Betty with him tonight and can tell her the one and only way to bring Santa back to life. And yep - this way is a suck off! And how Betty managed to stay on his good list after fucking the whole year? This is question for another story...

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Fucks Mrs. Claus

This game may bring you the excitement of xmas season even in the middle of summer... but only if you are adult enough! You are? Then play it now and don't forget to keep the URL to rplay it when the actual xmas season will come. Looks like this year Mrs Claus wants to celerate with another man but here might be a problem named Mr Claus. BUt who said that it is not possible? It is quite possible to fuck Mrs Claus but only after you will win her hubby in rock-paper-scissors game! Yeah, there are a number of strange rules in the North Pole... Anyway, play against Santa and every time you will win you will get one step closer to fucking Mrs Claus. Should you loose - Sanyta will make his stir. The first-ever one to advance seven steps will eventually unwrap the gift! Check the instructions if you still didn't get some portion of the rules.

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The christmas blonde Ep. 2

The Christmas Blonde also known as Betty Brickhouse is about to get into new cycle of crazy adventures and all that only because she has promised just one little thing - as you might reminisce from the very first scene she has promised to give a bj to non other than Santa! And since she is just going to fullfill this promise someone else truly wants to get into Santa's place so big-titted blonde Betty would suck his schlong instead! Who is this person? What he is capable of in chasing his perverted dream? Will his evil plan end as... well, as he proposed? All the answers you will see only after you will watch second scene about the adventures of Betty the Christmas Blonde! Well, may be there will be third scene after that and therefore don't fogret to check our website for it too.

Tags: big tits, animation, blonde, humor, xmas, joke, santa claus, Brickhouse Betty, animatio
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The christmas ash-blonde Ep. 3

Betty Brickhouse is the blonde chick in all meaning of this word - she has blonde hair, she has massive tits and she is not so smart. These qualities alaways gets her in both jokey and sexy situation and this short animated story will tell about one of such adevntures. This story is actually the third part of Christmas themed chain (series inside the series? yep!) Which takes place after the holiday season is over and Santa has some tmime for vacation. Ofcourse he is planning to spend this vacation on the sunny becah in a firm of hot blonde chick... and this is where Betty comes ! But will it end in the way that this horny oldman has proposed? You will discover it out only if you will wathc the whole story! And don't forget to go to our website for more!

Tags: animation, blonde, funny, christmas, beach, humor, xmas, santa claus, Brickhouse Betty, elfs
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Christmas Warmth

The holiday season is quite hot time of the year and not only because of constant rush for getting presents at the last moment but because hot ladies look even hotter in different costumes! What else can you enjoy during this season? Our test will enable you to reveal more sources of joy, if you don't know then! How do you usually cheer yourself up before xmas? What winter holiday activities do you prefer? How do you choos ewinter clothing? What would you like to see in xmas fuck-a-thon that's difefrent from the rest? Just reaction these and other questions by picking one of four options that satisfies you the best and you will get a special recommndations at the end and also some manga porn bonuses as reward (in addition to hot xmas themed manga porn pictures as illustrations for each question ofcoruse)!

Tags: hentai, panties, test, pictures, costume, xmas, tortue, psychology, santa helper
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Mrs Claus on a Demonic Adventure

As for the gameplay then this venture can be described as pretty classic platformer arcade where you need to run through levels, run away the enemies, collect some coins (the more the finer ) and to hop over obstacles in your way. Yet when it comes to the storyline behind all that then this is something you might want to check by yourself therefore we will tell you just the beginning of it: Santa has ultimately got into some serious issues this time and by serious we mean he is being held in Hell (!) For an unknown reason and just his mrs will save him now (by the way in this version Mrs Claus is quite hot looking blonde chick and it is her character you will be controlling while playing the game). Intriguing enough? Then start playing to see how it all will resolve!

Tags: hentai, adventure, arcade, santa, xmas, claus, Mrs.Claus
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